Hi! My name is Amanda.
I am a Holistic Career Transition Coach. Certified Life Coach and HeartMath® Practitioner
Hello and welcome! I'm thrilled to share a bit about myself and my journey as a Holistic Career Transition Coach. I've been on a mission since 2018 to empower women to transform career dissatisfaction into passion. With over 30 years of diverse business experience spanning various industries, coupled with a wealth of personal insights gained along the way, I bring a unique blend of expertise and empathy to my coaching practice. My journey into coaching was fuelled by a deep passion for helping others find fulfillment in their careers. I've always believed that work should be more than just a job - it be a source of joy, purpose and meaning.
A little about me personally: I have a profound love for the colour purple, a lifelong passion that began in childhood and continues to this day. I became a mother at the age of 20, I'm a proud grandmother of 2, and a pet parent to a rescue dog called Leloo. I married the love of my life at age 50, a journey that has been filled with adventures and lots of laughs.
One of the cornerstones of my coaching practice is HeartMath - a powerful set of tools and techniques that promote emotional, mental, and physical well-being by harmonising the heart and mind. This approach, adaptable to any situation, enhances intuition, self-awareness, and self-regulation, equipping my clients with the resilience to navigate life's challenges. As a highly sensitive person (HSP) and empath, I understand firsthand the challenges of navigating a world that often undervalues sensitivity. However, I've come to see these qualities as my superpower - a gift that allows me to deeply connect with others, understand their unique experiences, and provide personalised guidance that resonates on a profound level. I'm passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for women to explore their career aspirations, overcome obstacles, and step into their full potential. Whether you're feeling stuck in your current role, craving more meaning and fulfillment, or seeking clarity and direction in your career path, I'm here to support you every step of the way.
What People Say About Working with Me..
Amanda is a great listener and a beautiful human being. It was so helpful for me to work with her and share what is really going on in my life and how I am really feeling - something that I don't normally get a chance to do very often as I'm usually the one helping others! She asks all the right questions to help you look at the situation from different angles to come to a conclusion and strategy that feels truly resonant. I really appreciated her calm, grounded energy and her ability to help me see things from a lighter perspective.
Natalie W. Astrologer and Hypnotherapist

As a coach, Amanda has excellent empathy and a remarkable ability to turn complex concepts into actionable steps. This fosters a sustainable approach to not only learning, but incorporating the skills into my daily life, leading to real benefits. I really enjoy the HeartMath methods - they are a very easy way to reduce stress, regain balance and improve focus on what matters. The tools are straight forward to use and work quickly. I will be continuing to use them daily as they definitely add value to my well-being overall.
Lis M. Lead Training & Adoption ANZ, SAP Australia.

Amanda's insightful and compassionate thoughts and questions have been really effective at helping me focus on my goals and keep them on track. I always look forward to our next session.
Kim O. Grief & Loss Counsellor/End-of-Life-Doula

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